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Introducing Hover Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages from your business number

  • Use your existing business numbers
  • Get 400 text or picture messages monthly
  • Works on PC, mobile and tablet
  • Get notified of new text messages
  • As low as $11 per month

Available from Total Control Dashboard and Hover Messaging app

Improve Communication

Receive incoming text messages and send outgoing messages to your clients directly from your Hover Networks phone numbers.

Keep Your Personal Number Private

There’s no longer a need to give out your personal mobile number or carry around two mobile phones to text with your clients.

Works on Any Device

You can communicate via text messaging from any internet enabled device through the Hover Networks Total Control dashboard or Hover Text Messaging app.

Local and Toll-Free Availability

Send and receive text messages from numbers in the US and Canada from your local and toll-free business numbers.

Never Miss a Message

Get alerted on your mobile phone and notified via email when your business number receives a new text message from a client.

Start sending and receiving text messages today!