Virtual Mail Box

A virtual mailbox will make receiving and returning messages easier for your company.

With a virtual mailbox, not only will you be able to pool all the messages for your company into the one, convenient place, but the mailbox will allow easy access to replying or returning messages, as well as deleting them or storing them.

A virtual mailbox will allow you to:

  • Receive voicemail messages from phone, PC or email
  • Set up as many virtual mailboxes as you require
  • Customize your welcome or greetings message
  • Collect information
  • Create the appearance of multiple business units
  • Keep all of your company messages in the one, easy to use place

Not only will a virtual mailbox benefit your business by providing a convenient, up-to-date way of recording messages, replying to them and saving them, but it will also put your callers at ease knowing that their message will get through.

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