Main Company Number

Letting your callers choose where they want to be directed to.

A main company number is a vital asset to any company, especially if you want to keep your callers happy and informed. A main company number is attached to a virtual receptionist who will give your callers the option to choose from different departments or agents whom they wish to speak to.

There are many advantages of a main company number, including:

  • A virtual receptionist who can direct calls based on the callers option
  • The option to create different greetings depending on the time of day
  • The choice of how many virtual receptionists you wish to have
  • A sense of transparency to your callers

With a main company number, your callers will not only feel happy that they can contact your company at any time of the day, but also have the freedom to choose which department they contact without having to deal with a number of different agents.

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