Conference Bridge

Allowing you to hold a conference with a number of parties simultaneously.

A conference bridge allows participants who can’t personally attend a meeting or conference to listen and join in by means of a specially created and protected phone number.

Conference bridges allow you to set up a specialized, original phone number for the participants to call. The line is protected by a password, making it impossible for anyone else to join the call.

Not only that, but a conference bridge allows you to:

  • Hold a conference with up to 30 people
  • Notify the caller via e-mail when the conference is about to start
  • Password protect all numbers
  • Change passwords at any given time
  • Allow callers to record their name as they join (if you choose)
  • Hold vital training meetings with staff, financial discussions with accountants, receive feedback from sales teams, and any other private company information

Hold internal conference bridge calls at no extra cost!

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