Call Queue

Allowing you to handle all of your calls whilst maintaining an efficient service.

A call queue is a great way of handling a large volume of incoming calls without compromising the service that you provide. It will send the next incoming call to the first available person to take the call. If all phones are busy, a call queue will allow you to keep the caller on hold, sending their call to the next available available agent, or let the caller leave a voicemail.

Call queues allow you to:

  • Efficiently handle all calls to your call center agents
  • Have the ability to play music, messages or advertisements to callers while they are on hold
  • Set your call queue up to target specific agents (ex: least used, next available)
  • Allow the customer to leave a message if he or she wishes, instead of holding

Not only does a call queue allow your callers to be dealt with as efficiently and quickly as possible, it also makes work easier and more organised for your agents!

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