Call Group

Making sure your customer’s call is answered quickly

When a customer calls your company, a Call Group (also known as a Hunt Group) will automatically route that call to a pre-selected group of phones. This allows the call to be answered quickly. All the phones will ring at the same time so that the first available person will answer.

You can create different priority levels for these calls! The call will route to the first group with the highest priority first, and then if the call is not answered with a time period designated by you, it will then be routed to the next level of people.

  • The call comes in and is automatically routed to extensions 1 and 2
  • The call is answered by one of those people OR
  • If no one answers the call within a set period of time, the call is routed to extensions 3 and 4
  • YOU decide who the calls go to and in what order
  • YOU decide how long to wait before the call is transferred to the next group

You can make sure that each incoming call is answered quickly and efficiently! Never miss an important call again.

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