Additional Local Numbers

An additional local number allows your company to provide a local area number to your customers.

If your company has a large, nationwide customer base, it might be more convenient for them to have a local area code on which to contact your company as opposed to a singular company number.

An additional local number allows you to

  • Provide a local area number as opposed to a national or long-distance phone number
  • Give a sense of a local presence to your customers
  • Publish your number in any local phone book
  • Geo-target marketing campaigns
  • Make work easier for remote employees

An additional local number also works in the same way as a primary number, so callers who contact a local number will be put through to your company, regardless of which number they call, so they’ll always be put through to one of your agents as well as feeling like your company has put a lot of thought into their customer care.

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