Features & Add-Ons

Features of all of the plans include:

No bulky equipment
Main Company Number
Letting your callers choose where they want to be directed to.
Unlimited growth
Total Control™
Live system monitoring
A Live Overview will allow you to check up on your agents and make sure their work is up to company standards.
Paperless fax
Send and receive faxes as a PDF documents in your e-mail.
Personal greetings
Conference calls
Allowing you to hold a conference with a number of parties simultaneously.
Unlimited call-ins
Call Group
Making sure your customer’s call is answered quickly
Call Queue
Allowing you to handle all of your calls whilst maintaining an efficient service.
Toll Free Numbers
A toll free number is a fantastic way to let your customers know you care.
Additional Local Numbers
An additional local number allows your company to provide a local area number to your customers.
Virtual Mail Box
A virtual mailbox will make receiving and returning messages easier for your company.
Voicemail Transcription
Voicemail transcription allows you to retrieve voicemail messages in the form of text rather than audio.
On-Demand Call Recording
On-demand call recording allows you to record precisely what you want, when you want it.
Company Call Recording Service
Company call recording will allow you to record incoming and outgoing calls as they are made as downloadable .wav files.

Voice Features

Main Business Number

Total Control™

Live Overview

Personal Greetings

Conference Calls

Unlimited Call-ins

Call Routing

Caller ID

Call Waiting

Electronic Notifications

On Hold Music

Time Modes

Hunt Groups

Call Detail

Name Recognition

Intuitive Transfers

Call Blocking


High Definition Voice


No Bulky Equipment

Unlimited Growth

Data and Management

Live System Monitoring

Paperless Fax

Virtual PBX technology

Total Control™


Call Detail

Network Redundancy

Data Center Backup


Personalized Conferencing

Conference Reminders

Attendance data gathering

Call Management


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