Full Service Business VoIP – Hosted PBX

Total Control™ is Hover Networks’ web-based administration tool that allows you – or Hover Networks if you wish – to manage all of the features of your phone system. Whether it’s adding a new user, changing your call routing, listening to voicemail, or retrieving call reports it all happens in real-time, on the fly, from anywhere in the world.

Hosted Voice & Data – We built our platform from the ground up using best of breed hardware and software. Our hosting facility is world class and is monitored 24/7 by a live person.

What does this mean for your business?

Quality of Service!
Access to an Enterprise quality product & services! Cost Effective!
No maintenance fees! Current technology! Unlimited Upgrades! 24/7 Support!
Features!Features!Features! Superior Phone Equipment!
Industry Knowledge! LOW Overhead Costs! Value to YOUR Cleints!
Operational Efficiency!

Training & Support – We provide LIVE training either in person, or through our GoToMeeting account. Our team strives to provide the very best support in the industry.

Number Porting – It’s your phone number. You own it. We just help manage it. Our knowledgeable team will assist in porting all necessary numbers to your new system for you to control.

The Service Traditional Phones Hover Networks
Costs and Fees
Pay for What you Use No Yes – pay only for what you use
NO added maintenance cost on monthly bills No Yes – $0 extra per month
NO added taxes on monthly bills No Yes – $0 extra per month
NO added fees on monthly bills No Yes – $0 extra per month
Free Upgrades included No Yes – free upgrades
Cost of a new installation $300-$1000
per employee
per employee
Scales to fit your size No Yes – as big as your company
Use your computer as a phone No Yes – your phone is always with you
3-Digit Dialing between your locations No Yes – 3 digit dialing without the hassle
Stay connected even if power is out No Yes
Retain ownership of your numbers Yes Yes
On-system home or remote office phone No Yes
911 Services Yes Yes – same safety, same service
Fax over Email Maybe – but it costs more Yes – $0 extra per month
Voice mail to Email Maybe – but it costs more Yes – $0 extra per month
Extra Calling features included No Yes – $0 extra per month
Conference calling included No Yes – $0 extra per month
Call queuing included No Yes – $0 extra per month
Web-based real-time call management No Yes – $0 extra per month
Real-time call detail reports No Yes – $0 extra per month
Help and Support
Live knowledgeable support Maybe Always
One-call resolution for your questions No Yes
Professional installation and training Yes – but it costs more Yes – included with your plan

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