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No Bulky PBX Equipment, Unlimited Growth, Live System Monitoring, Simple Conference calls... just a few of the features in every Hover Networks calling plan.

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Unique VoIP Platform

Hover Networks’ unique VoIP platform offers the latest technology in hosted PBX services. Designed to maintain its cutting edge capability with scalable technology, you can be confident the days of old telephone systems are in the past. An exceptional combination of features allows you to connect across the globe, whether one to one or by gathering multiple people together through our fully automated conferencing service, with the ease and cost effective function of the internet.

In combination with our hosted PBX platform, Hover Networks offers and maintains the most recent Polycom phone systems, which arrive pre-configured and ready to be plugged in and utilized in real time. This allows our customers the luxury of abandoning their outdated devices and upgrading to cutting edge systems without the hassle of a time consuming cutover.

Hover Networks Services

  • Easy to use management software
  • Free consultation to pick the best solution for you
  • Use your computer as a phone (softphone)
  • Polycom IP Desk phones (SIP phones)
  • Easy conference calls
  • Three digit dialing between your facilities
  • Free upgrades and new features
  • Expert service and support
  • Never pay for service calls